Plumber Sunshine Coast


Plumbing Sunshine Coast

Peter King Plumbing offers all your plumbing needs on the Sunshine Coast. If you have plumbing requirements and are looking for a local plumber who is knowledgeable and dependable, then Peter King Plumbing is for you. Peter King Plumbing was initially established on the Sunshine Coast and run independently. After providing years of high quality service, Peter King Plumbing has expanded to cater to its growing clientele.

Peter King Plumbing consists of eleven experienced field staff members, all of whom are committed to high quality work, promptness and customer satisfaction. Unlike larger plumbing businesses who might see you as just another number, we value each and every client and are able to offer you the personalized attention and service you need.

We offer a wide range of plumbers and plumbing services for both residential and commercial projects, including gas and solar hot water heating systems, plumbing installation and all plumbing services from water leaks to blockages from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane.

We promise to provide you with continued quality customer service throughout the entire process, as well as meeting any of your post-project needs.

At Peter King Plumbing, we understand that allowing someone to enter your home or business requires an element of trust. We pride ourselves on being friendly, honest, and trustworthy.

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Peter King Plumbing
6/41 Premier Circuit,
Warana. QLD 4575

Tel. 07 5493 7330
Fax. 07 5493 7331


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